Speech/Physical Therapy

     Lucy has been attending speech and physical therapy for almost 2 months. It seems that one on one care works very well for her, which is something I try to do at home, as well. Her speech isn’t approving that much, but I theorize this is because the word games the therapist has for Lucy are just too simple. An autistic child isn’t going to play with word cards or farm animals. They will however engage in play that involve puzzles and creativity.  She still does the spinning, which for the longest time, I assumed was for comfort. My assumptions were backed up by Dr. Temple Grandin. For those of you who do not know who this amazing woman is, check out the movie “Temple Grandin” and of course her website. Be sure to have a box of tissues ready for the movie.

     The main thing I have noticed about Lucy is that she sees puzzles with everything she does. She takes apart and puts together everything she can. I’ve started buying puzzles for her, but the minute I buy them, she has it figured out, and I have to buy more because they get boring after she figures them out, LOL!

    Thank goodness for the Dollar Store!

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