September 27, 2010 Beds, Improvements and Others.

     Lucy started her 11th week on her medication.  It’s hard to fathom that is has almost been 3 months since she was prescribed her medication along with being diagnosed. She has made some improvements with speech and walking. She repeats everything she hears (as most 2 year olds), but still has the repeated patterned of saying everything back several times. She’ll also climb up and down the stairs with little help as per before she would just refuse and we would have to carry her up and down.  I suspect the seizures probably induced vertigo, or vice versa. She still covers her ears and hides when she feels over crowded.  While singing Happy Birthday to her oldest sister, she started to scream and hide her ears. Her father had to carry her out of the dining hall.  She has had several staring spells on a very noticeable basis’s, but her “fits” have decreased.  I will be participating in a walk for Autism for work and I want to bring Lucy along.  I have to purchase a new stroller, she has out grown the one she has, and I need one specifically for her needs.  Nothing that’s too fancy.  Just one that’s big enough for her weight and a visor that drops down to help block out sunlight. Her Father will be on standby in case she has seizures.
     I do have some good news to report. I am in a financial situation to where I can improve her surroundings, bit by bit. As soon as I get my car squared away, I will be looking into carpet improvements and a new bed. She needs thick carpet because she still bangs her head off her floor after seizures. She had a bed, but just like everything else, she’s out growing it.  I have been browsing different websites and companies for the type of bed see needs, but it makes me feel as if I’m putting her in a cage because of their designs.  All she needs is locking rails so she doesn’t fall out bed during a seizure. The closest I have seen to what she needs is here.
     Still no word about her disability approval, but at least I am making leeway in other areas.


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