Bath Time

     Parents of children with special needs are probably dreading these two words. Lucy despises baths, water and washing hair. I often wonder if it’s because autistic children do not like certain surfaces or items on their skin. Lucy’s baths are a battle, but I’ve notice if I go slow, telling her what I’m about to do and talking through each and every step then she’ll handle it better. Also the temperature of the water has to be luke warm; other wise she’ll scream it’s too hot. Her bath becomes easier if I can get her older sister, Jaina, to participate.  Jaina will play and keep Lucy occupied while I give the baths. The baths will usually go smoothly after I get Lucy settled into the’s the hair washing and hair brushing that gives us the most trouble. She does not like her head being all, but personal hygiene is one thing she cannot go without. She’ll fight me until she is literally blue in the face, then once I manage to brush her hair, she’ll throw herself down on the floor and mess it up with her hands.  I really hope she grows out of this part..and soon.


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