Happy Birthday/Happy Holidays

I was waiting for Lucy’s MRI results before posting another entry, but since Lucy turned 3 and also celebrated the holidays, I decided to continue with this post.

Lucy’s MRI was less complicated than I imagined it would be. She attends CMC/Levine’s children’s hospital for her specialist. Anyway, the hospital is HUGE with wide, colorful halls and different sections to fit each individual need of a particular child, with each section and each floor having escorts. Once admitted and all the paperwork was completely, Lucy was sedated using anesthesia gas. This took only a matter of seconds, so once the anesthesia took effect, I was escorted by the waiting room with a buzzer that actually felt more like a taser when activated. After the MRI, Lucy was taken to the recovery floor. It took her less than an hour to wake up, but the effects of the gas remained with her for the entire day.  The entire process, from signing in to signing out, took about 3 hours.

The pictures range from the lobby, the waiting room, their Christmas tree to the buzzer/taser.


Lucy and Daddy, the day after Christmas



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